Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What did we learn today?

Hmmm...good question. *I* learned that we've been unschooling all along in many ways.

The kids? Well, they spent the majority of the day with my in-laws being "socialized" with old folks. They learned that sometimes dogs don't like each other and that sometimes that leads to bloodshed. (Nothing serious, I hasten to add)

Mindie learned how fast she can roll the window down in my car when I say, "I wish I was standing up." I didn't know her mental or physical reflexes were that fast. She also learned that she who controls the child locks on the window controls your fate, at least in the short-term. She learned that people in the early 60's had a radically different idea of what was "odd" or "outlandish" as evidenced by the Beetles' "long hair."

Shannen has yet to master the intricacies of telephone usage and I'm starting to serious wonder about getting her hearing tested even though those silly "wear the headphones and raise your hand when you hear a beep" screenings don't pose any challenge for her. It's not hearing sound she seems to have trouble with, it's making out any but the loudest and most clearly enunciated speech, especially through microphones and/or speakers. She did some crocheting today with Bebe (my mother-in-law) while they all chatted. And she got to wax eloquent on her favorite subject (X-men) to her Aunt Stacie, who just developed an interest. She's spent the evening holed up in her room with a stack of comic books and manga. Who knows what she's doing in there, but the adult manga is stored separately so I'm not worried.

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