Friday, June 15, 2012

A Daliesque Day

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing quite makes sense?  One of these kind of days...?

This has been my brain most of the day.  It's like there's a vast internet conspiracy to make my brain explode.  Let me share with you a random sampling of the WTF I have been exposed to today.

My husband shoved this bizarre gem onto his blog last night and waited for it to detonate in my head this morning.

Then I show up at Shamus Young's blog and find THIS.  Before I've even had coffee I've been subjected to both of these.

After coffee a friend who does not deserve the anonymity I'm giving her here shared a link to vegetables that look like genitals.  And no, that's not safe for work.  They're vegetable that look like genitals.  Why would you even ASK if that's safe for work?  That's not safe for human consumption, people.

Next was this:

And then this: 

Followed by a link to an article about a woman that had her mouth raped by a squid and no, I haven't been watching the hentai again thank you very much.

And the guy that linked to the squid rape followed it up with this

And that was the point at which my head turned into a Daliesque mushroom cloud.  Thank you so much, internets.


  1. Hahaha!
    Holy crap, what a day!
    So does this mean you didn't appreciate's song? But he's wearing his happy fun time face!

    Also, captcha makes baby Jesus cry. FYI. Haha.

    1. Yeah, sorry about the capchas. I didn't even realize I had them turned on. But it's fixed now.

      Also, it was just STRANGE to hear doing something so - shiny and happy and appropriate for all audiences.

  2. My kids are in love with ASDF.. And sickly enough, I like it too. I thought if they liked that, they'd love the work of don hertzfeld.